@kayazeren Rising Super Member

I’m translating nethserver into Turkish



Ehi @kayazeren happy to see your candidature, your contribute as translator is strong! Really!
I’m sorry but your activity on community is too low for becoming a super member. Please increase your presence here and you will be on the right track.

  • Be active in the community.
  • Contribute high quality, over high quantity.
  • Use a friendly tone that’s patient and understanding.
  • Provide correct answers that are helpful and educate users.
  • Passion! You gotta love Nethserver to be spending so much time here.
  • Achieve a lot of community badges
  • NethServer knowledge is a big plus
  • Provide constructive product feedback
  • Help with QA and test
  • Report a bug
  • Translate into your own language or help with an existing one
  • Spread the word about NethServer or invite new people on community
  • Submit new ideas
  • Record video or write tutorials
  • Contribute to documentation

So move forward, you can do it! :smile: Is there something I can help you with?
I’ll track your activity and update this discussion when you will be ready!