Just installing.. Is these features available?

Looking for following features.

•WAN Failover / Load Balance
•nTop to Monitor Network and Data transfers
•Basic Webfiltering
•Captive Portal for Wireless users

Just installing, yet to see the features and Network monitoring.
Can we install Owncloud or nTop on nethserver?

Take a look at “Software Center” Panel

After installing I am unable to configure WAN.
Only LAN is showing up. Where should I configure WAN settings?
I added 2 NICS.

Install “Firewall base” module

isn’t this should be available by default…?
Without WAN how we can install the module?

just asking…
I am trying to install., it just struck on loading… I think DNS issue.

It still loading… I think it won’t take this much time…
DNS is correct., I am able to ping to web.
Any way to install it from CLI?

You don’t need a WAN to access Internet, because you should already have a configured interface.
If you have two interfaces, just make sure to connect the WAN the interface to Internet.
After this, you can install the firewall module.
There are users who don’t need the firewall module :smile:, this is why it’s not installed by default.

Sure, you can use standard yum commands:

yum install nethserver-firewall-base
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Thanks… Sanchietti
I got it.
While installing, I am able to configure only LAN., I didnt see option for WAN.
Did i miss selecting that… Is that option available?

And for WAN Failover / Load Balancing., do we have any option?
(got it, I think failover module got added with Firewall base module)

The option became available as soon as the firewall module is installed.

Sure: Firewall — NethServer 7 Final

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