Just asking hopefully no one considers me rude

If I have a problem and could not obtain community assistance, where else can I go to try to get help? I just would like to have a back-up just in case no one knows my problem. Thanks.

Hi Dreamerman,
I think that if you contact @alefattorini he can tell you about Nethesis the company that is powering the Nethserver community.
You can get official support from them as a paid service ( i guess) :slight_smile:


Hi Dreamerman,

If your problems are related to NethServer, the Community version, you can obtain information and assistance from here:

  1. http://www.nethserver.org/
  2. http://www.nethserver.org/documentation/
  3. http://community.nethserver.org/categories
  4. http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php

If yor problems are related to other distros or other apps, please consult the official sites or forums of those distros and/or apps. Also, you can find a lot of usefull informations on Internet through search engines.