Jolla phone/tablets Fanclub

I am a Jolla fan and wondered if anyone on the forum has followed the development of SailfishOS and Jolla phones?

I ordered the Jolla tablet when it was crowed funded on Indiegogo and looking for anyone else who might have done this?


Unfortunately not! But I’m curious about it

Not heard of this project before, just checked their crowd-funding pages and am interested to see a development / released version of Sawfish (even though the Jolla / Sawfish project does not look like it will be released before the end of the year)

Any idea of the OS technical specifications (presumably it will mainly be used on a Arm based architecture)

I have also noted that Sawfish is using QT libraries (an open-source project that is used for KDE APIs), I am guessing the OS and associated API will be fully GPL compliant or will it be under license by either Nokia or Digia (or maybe by the Qt Company, Digia subsidiary company)?

Whilst on the subject of tablets / phones, I have just ordered a Cubot X9 phone (8 core MTK6592 - 1.4Ghz based chipset). Should be delivered to my address within the next couple of days.

If I am not wrong, this supposed to be Nokia Project, before it taken over by Microsoft.

Are we talking about the same opensource OS for Jolla called SailfishOS? it’s latest tablet build is on intel chipset?

The project is based on Nokias canceled linux project called MeeGo (MeeGo - Wikipedia) It’s complete open source and without any influence of any company as far as I know.

Interesting, I was following the Meego project about 4 - 5 years ago when Novell was thinking about incorporating it into a version of Suse.

Also, I have just eceived my new Cubot X9 device, 8 cores (running at 1.36 Ghz) - Mali-450 GPU - 2 GB RAM (I have added an extra 3 GB swap partition via micro SD) – Extremely powerful phone!

I see forward to a short review of the phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: