Joining Windows 11 22H2 to Nethserver Active Directory Domain

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Active Directory
hey guys, i am playing a bit with the upcoming windows 11 22H2 and did not make it to bring a client with the 22H2 version into the activ directory domain. with the formerly win11 21H2 it was no problem. Did anyone else checked it out?


as I know, in 22H2 smb 1 is deleted. But I don’t know if nethservers Samba AD is using smb 1!?

And I answer with a lot of unknowledge…!


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thank you martin, i realy did not find a solution till now.

Here’s maybe a clue:

Found a workaround on the Feedback Hub (…) to set the Encryption Types allowed for Kerberos:

Local Security Policy > Local Policies > Security Options > Network
security: Configure encryption types allowed for Kerberos
Check only DES_CBC_CRC and DES_CBC_MD5


Other reports

joined just now by using "username at <username at>" instead of just username or AD\username. However, I cannot sign in (using anything at all).

We’ve had reports of behaviour where the latest Windows 11 build (sorry,
I don’t know the build number) seems to forcibly lower-case (part or all
of?) saved credentials and a user then ends up trying to authenticate to
a share as “domain+user” rather than “DOMAIN+user”, which we hadn’t
properly handled in our usermap script.


Hey Marc, i checked the solution and it worked, thank you for the support !!!


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