Join the Transifex [German] team

After login I get 404 not found.

Are you talking about ?

It works here.

Yes, it doesm’t work here, so I suppose it is a rights issue for users not in the nethserver transifex group. I can access webtop and other transifex projects but nethservers gives 404. Could someone please add me to the nethserver group (username chaerle).

What are the languages you want to translate?


I can’t find this username… Could you send me the email address used during Transifex registration (in a PVT message, if you like)?

You could also check if you can send a team join request here:

[ Just for the record, I sent an invitation link as a private (PVT) message, now it seems to work ]

For new requests like this one, the following solution should be still valid:


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