Join macOS (Mojave) to NethServer 7.6 AD?

I am thinking to purchase a mac mini and would like to know if it is possible to join macOS (Mojave) to NS7.6 AD. Has anyone of you joined his/her MacOS Computer to a NS AD ?

This should be possible and even fairly straightforward…
There are many howto’s online that guide you through the process of joining a Smaba4 Domain or MS AD Domain…
It would be nice to have a decent howto for NethServer. IF you take the jump please do create a howto for this. It would be highly appreciated!

Yes, I will do, my friend… :grinning:


Buy it!
We will be more Mac User here, and we will have more pounds in the balance to make NethServer more mac user friendly.

Mac mini is on the way to me… :grinning:

Possible :slight_smile:

The procedure itself is trivial.

Users and groups -> login options -> network accounts server -> join


OK, sounds vy easy. What version of macOS do you use?

You will be very happy, I’m sure this :grinning:

Got the Mac mini today, but its my first time with a Mac. I am a bloody newbie - :joy:

Yes, its vy easy:

But if I login with a AD-User and try to open a Terminal I get this:

I have to investigate a bit more time…

It seems like you have to enable “Remote Shell (SSH)” for that user in Nethserver web UI. Enabling SSH changes the ldap field “loginShell” to /bin/bash instead of /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server.



Yes, that’s it. Thank you…

I’m sorry that after that time.
Very old 10.11.6.
But it is OK :slight_smile:

Please have a look - HowTo

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