Join macOS (Mojave) to NethServer 7.6 AD?

(fpausp) #1

I am thinking to purchase a mac mini and would like to know if it is possible to join macOS (Mojave) to NS7.6 AD. Has anyone of you joined his/her MacOS Computer to a NS AD ?

(Rob Bosch) #2

This should be possible and even fairly straightforward…
There are many howto’s online that guide you through the process of joining a Smaba4 Domain or MS AD Domain…
It would be nice to have a decent howto for NethServer. IF you take the jump please do create a howto for this. It would be highly appreciated!

(fpausp) #3

Yes, I will do, my friend… :grinning:



Buy it!
We will be more Mac User here, and we will have more pounds in the balance to make NethServer more mac user friendly.

(fpausp) #5

Mac mini is on the way to me… :grinning:

(Manonthemoon Ak) #6

Possible :slight_smile:

The procedure itself is trivial.

Users and groups -> login options -> network accounts server -> join

(fpausp) #7

OK, sounds vy easy. What version of macOS do you use?


You will be very happy, I’m sure this :grinning:

(fpausp) #9

Got the Mac mini today, but its my first time with a Mac. I am a bloody newbie - :joy:

Yes, its vy easy:

But if I login with a AD-User and try to open a Terminal I get this:

I have to investigate a bit more time…

(Markus Neuberger) #10

It seems like you have to enable “Remote Shell (SSH)” for that user in Nethserver web UI. Enabling SSH changes the ldap field “loginShell” to /bin/bash instead of /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server.


(fpausp) #11

Yes, that’s it. Thank you…

(Manonthemoon Ak) #12

I’m sorry that after that time.
Very old 10.11.6.
But it is OK :slight_smile:

(fpausp) #13

Please have a look - HowTo