Join FreeNAS to Nethserver AD

NethServer Version: latest (don’t have access to it for the moment)
Module: Samba4

Joining Linux servers, CentOS7 using realmd, and Windows 10 has been easy but I’m a bit stuck when trying to join a FreeNAS server. It’s probably more of a compatibility issue with most of the problems on FreeNAS but I’ll test my luck here. :slight_smile:

So I’ve read but am still not sure what would be the best approach to do it. As I understand it do I’ve two options.

  1. Allow unencrypted communication to the NS server
  2. Copy the certificates from NS server to FreeNAS server

The problem with #1 shouldn’t need an explanation and #2 seems like a bit overhead to maintain since I’m using letsencrypt for certificates.
Any advice? A good guide to follow?

@fausp Can you help here?

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I am not sure, I do not use FreeNAS anymore? I use Proxmox instead of FreeNAS (NFS-Server)…

@mahaq. Did you try this option that is documented in our forums: Connect FreeNAS to Nethserver Active Directory

And after some attempts @mrmarkuz was able to join FreeNAS to NS AD: Connect FreeNAS to Nethserver Active Directory

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@Robb. I read both, and tried following them, before posting. The first post gives me a “BindSimple: Transport encryption required., Strong(er) authentication required” when trying to save. The second post is that I need to allow unencrypted communication.

I am sorry, i can’t help you with this one. I don’t have freenas running.

I’ve been doing some more investigations and my conclusion so far is to either allow unencrypted traffic to Nethserver or to update the certificate every third month.For the moment have I decided to go for allowing unencrypted traffic. However did I run into a different problem that all AD groups are not listed on the FreeNAS, and most of the listed groups on the FreeNAS server are not shown on Nethserver even I suspect they do exist there. Example of group names that I see on FreeNAS but not on Nethserver are Domain "cert publishers, “domain computers” and “domain users”. Groups I don’t see are the groups I’ve created. The only group that exist in both places is “domain admins”. The users list shows all users as expected.

Not sure how to close an issue without any solution. When I tested wbinfo -g on the FreeNAS server are all groups listed so nothing to blame Nethserver for there :slight_smile:.
The initial problem is in my opinion a stupid implementation but possible to get around with a bit of scripting.