@jobezic Rising Super Member

Hi all! I think i have the shoulders to become a super member, even if i recently dislocated one rollering :mask:

Jokes apart, i am a Nethserver enthusiast, i have contributed to the project with some code. I have been mantaining the CoovaChilli rpm since the first release (i’m part of the Coova organization on github, responsible to mantain the CoovaChilli code). I also writed some post on the community.
Why do i want to become a super member? Because Alessio knocked to my door crying!! :smile:

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Ehi @jobezic thanks for being a Rising Super member, really happy to have you here.
Your contribute as developer is strong, but your activity on community is too low for becoming a super member. Please increase your presence here and you will be on the right track.
So move forward, you can do it! :wink:
I’ll track your activity and update this discussion when you will be ready!

Hey @jobezic I can’t understand (translate) this

Are you fine?

@alefattorini knocking to many many doors!
Is he a super hero? :smile:

@sitz i have been dislocated my shoulder rollering at the bike lane, but now is almost ok, thanks!

@alefattorini ok, i will try to contribute even more in the future!

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