Jitsy meet not so efficient?


This is a must trend topic ATM, the video conference and tools to make it …


I tried all but for Jitsy I could see that you need a lot of bandwidth to make it workable, people with only an ADSL link cannot have the video, only the audio.

I have the fiber at home so I was not impacted but It seems it is not only the curlprit… Firefox is probably the guilty

So if you want to use jitsy, do not use yet FF, use the competitor Chrome

Every day I attend a meeting on a private Jistsi VPS. I use a 4G connection and Firefox.

There are issues some times but it is not so bad for a browser based conference

the upload bandwith is probably superior than a ADSL link, I have a friend who does not have adsl at home, only a 4G router, sometimes it is not good at all, he often lost the salon. We tried the official website

4G usually have more upload and download bandwidth than ADSL, at least in italy.

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