Jitsi Videobridge for SME communication server

How about making Jitsi videobridge module for chat and videoconferancing?


I have had minimum experience with Jitsi (whilst I was experimenting with various IM / VOIP client software) and personally didn’t like the app (mainly due to it being a Java based application).

But I believe that xmpp / Jabber can be used for video (though not tested it yet!) and therefore video based communication should be able to work using the existing ejabber / chat services.

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I suggest you look this clip on Jitis and webRTC to see if it can change your mind :wink: .For me personally it’s a very secure product communication wise and easy to use for the clients.

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Has anyone tested jitsi with jabber with an additional extension?

I know that @jgjimenezs and @apradoc are huge fans of Jitsi, guys do you have tried to install it on NethServer?

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not even on my part, @apradoc even if you have not done, we can start testing

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Excellent @jgjimenezs that can help with communication we need for school Intranet.

Brother Alessio begin testing. We will tell you soon about this