@Jim Super member


I was looking this topic… And, surprisingly, I enter all the pre-requisites.
Even the contribute documentation signaling a little bug… The only thing I’ve not done yet is to help traduction…
I’m active in the community:

I have more badges than a general’s veteran of Vietnam have medals.
The ratio between “all” and “likes received” is not bad.
Provide feedback, report bugs, write tutorial and howto " how to make Nethserver more Mac Friendly"

I have the passion and love Nethserver and this community.


Just for this joke you deserve it! :penguin:

Thanks for all, I don’t know what Community would do without the yellow parrot!
Badge assigned, t-shirt is coming :smiley:

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But the parrot is red @alefattorini are you colorblind? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratulations @Jim and many thanks for your contribution.

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ahahah you’re right is red :anguished: @Jim confused me, as always

Whouhou !!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you very much, for all.
I will send photos when I will receive this awesome t-shirt.

Again, thank you for all teams to making this distro each time better, for all community members to ask, to participate, to continue to go ahead… THANK YOU ALL :grinning:

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It might be useful :smiley:

I was already searching in wikipedia the breed of parrot :joy: :joy: :joy: