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Hi Everyone,

I’m from Venezuela - Falcon State.

Sysadmin and NethServer lover.

Fedora User Currently, I am in love with the RPM and I’m studying the steps to create packages and further support NethServer.

I would love to be a Member Super, I worked on the translation into Spanish by the team of translators.

This is my profile in the community: jgjimenezs

My contribution to translations in Transifex: Transifex-NethServer-Spanish

My badges:

Finally, NethServer is part of my life and work.

Spending time with this community is my day to day support to new members, and to solve problems.

And to advertise in social networks, as well as recruit people in my area who love Linux, and support.


Wow your wall of badges is amazing, great value here!
I can only say

Send me a private message with your address and shirt size, I’m going to send this:


I am very proud to be part of this community. Thank you thank you very much

Congrats @jgjimenezs and thank you for your great contribution to this community!

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I’ll be here to support NethServer and this great community. Thank you for making me feel family

Thank you very much @alefattorini this great and will use almost always.

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You’re welcome man! :+1: thanks again