Jabber does not show the group users create in LDAP

NethServer Version: v7
Module: Chat
I have users created in nethserver. Each user belongs to a group also created in nethserver. In my client program Jabber( I use Spark) I see all the users together and not in groups. I don´t see the groups I have created.

The only groups I see are : Unclasified users and disconnected users.

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Hi @mundor,

what kind of accounts provider did you install? LDAP or Active Directory? Local or Remote?

Could you attach the output of

account-provider-test dump


I use Local LDAP.

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Hello @davidep ,
Can you confirm if it’s a bug or something I’m doing wrong?
Does anyone have it organized by groups?
Thank you.

I think it is a “missing feature”. IIRC I didn’t find an easy way to implement it. However I should dig it more before I give you an answer.

Is it a blocking feature for you? Could you describe your usage scenario? How many people, how many groups…

Hello @davidep
I am migrating a Zentyal to Nethserver, I have about 100 employees divided by departments and places. Currently in Zentyal 3 I have it created and is very comfortable, see image:

And as in the documentation of Nethserver 7 appears I thought it was possible:

I also do not know whether or not the part of “Chat server administration”

We removed the support for groups on NS 7 because there is no a convenient way to have the feature both for AD and LDAP. Maybe we can try to fix it in the future.

It seems we forgot to update the documentation for NS 7, thanks for pointing out.

You can create a template custom to fix it for LDAP, take a look at this commit (you need the left part):

Hi @giacomo
we modified all the files and left them as you have on the left part of your commit unless the first one, nethserver-ejabberd.spec, because we couldn´t find it. We can´t still see our groups. And now the service starts but we can not connect.

Maybe I took too much for granted :open_mouth:

You need to create a template custom only for this file: /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg/85Modules.

Please experiment a bit with ldap filters, sadly I don’t have time to try it right now.

Thanks for everything @giacomo,

I have tried, but I do not get it to work, my knowledge is insufficient.

I hope in future updates it works.

By curiosity provides in Nethserver 6.9 and if the groups leave but leave as if they were users, not as groups containing users, so it also did not work correctly.

I think this is an important issue since if you have many users it is difficult to locate them in a list and more when many employees do not know each other or are called similar.

Thanks for everything.