It's possible to create a filter and a profile with the same name in ufdb-guard

It’s possible to create a filter and than a profile with the same name in ufdb-guard. If you do so, the filter disappears which results in a complete unfiltered system.

If you create a filter like this:

and than create a profile like this:

the filter you specified before disappears after a “F5”

There is no warning and no hint about this in the manual.
The result is that no filter is choosen for this category and so the category is completely unfiltered.

If you do it the other way (first create a profile and than create the time), you get a failure:

If possible, this check should be done in both directions.

BTW: It would be very fine if the specified times in ufdb-guard could be displayed like this:

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Thank you Ralf for reporting it, I just opened a new issue:

I will let you know as soon as a new testing package is available.

Just added the RPM to testing repository (nethserver-squidguard-1.7.3-1.1.gc319438.ns7.noarch.rpm).
Would you like to try it and test it? :wink:

@flatspin please, give it a try! :pray:

Yep. Immediatly! :smile:


works correctly in “Profiles”, “Filters” and “Times” and vice versa

Great work as usual my friend and almost with speed of light! :medal:
Thanks a lot.

The fix was pretty easy, you did all the analytic job! :wink: