It really hurts my ass


Why @stephdl it hurts? Sometimes changing idea is a good thing :smile:

no, if related to M$, never

Yeah, we can guess the reason :wink:

LOL M$ is patetic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yesterday I remembered my son - he is 16 years old - when Microsoft Venezuela intended to bribe me with XNA programming books , accessories and PC courses for him - 6 years ago - on the pretext of supporting " Joomla Venezuela " .

The catch was that from a page in Joomla access to Windows Azure system. So they justify the slogan " Microsoft believes in free software "

I got them to support me in bringing a conference about Joomla sites in Venezuela governmental platform , to be presented in Chile. A success . Upon return, in first class, I presented the activity report, I thanked them and never saw :sunglasses: jejeej

I’ll change my point of view when M$ will adopt something like a real log for any service running on their toy o.s. and start to adhere to all the RFCs.
or when I’ll can install a simple program without the dependencies nigthmare… or installing 1Gb of the Nth .net framework to make run a 256kb script…
now that the desktop pc market is definitely going down, they discovered that they have no market share on mobile (no, M$ phones are not real ones, and windows will hardly gain quotes in the tablet/smartphones market… I mean, android and ios are far more light and developed than any redmond’s o.s.), they finally discovered that in the o.s. server market they hardly will conquer more space… all internet is driven by unix like o.s., exchange is not a smart choice, sqlserver will never be really an oracle or db2 alternative…

so, the only way to survive is to join linux… we have already mono and .net layer available…

but they never worked for interoperability… for example, think about the roaming profiles… v2, v3, v5…

the problem is that they will/could poison linux… dude, to run a simple powershell you have to install some GBs…

hope to se the windows’ logo fade to black


Jajajajaaja, its like saying like isis loves usa foreign policy

ShaBaNG :slight_smile: