It is possible have a hangouts with team members?

Good Morning Community,

I’ve been thinking about having meetings with the members of the translation teams


Spanish team. Hangouts with members

French team. Hangouts with members

For what?

To coordinate translations in their languages, have more contact, generating more trust, integrity in the community.

Coordination and decisions should be translated into English.

Test kits, Translations and others also could make that idea.

You tell me this @alefattorini?


Great idea! More cooperation means more commitment.
I will contact the dutch team to do the same.

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Have a hangout isn’t easy, time zone, availability, etc… but for a small group it could work.
My suggestion is starting to coordinate people here as @robb [has done yet][1] split by language
Check also this example:

in this case we could make an exception for our english-only rule
[1]: Dutch team, please raise your hand

Sure, count me in.

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Cool. @jgjimenezs then expect a tentative date :date:

@alefattorini This feature is excellent. The multilingual capability would add dynamism to our discussion topics but without detracting from the meeting by video conference. :video_camera:

Hangouts thus be more specific, and as @jgjimenezs suggests, can be made in each language :it::fr::ru::de::es: with summaries in English :uk:. And continue to hold general video meetings in English (So be like Tarzan in my case) Is very pleased to chat live :speech_balloon:, seen and/or heard.


Cool, I like it. Please make a recap for the others! :smile:


Would you consider an Agile approach with (for example) a shared board with all those tickets to coordinate the workflow?