Issues with Transparent proxy and SSL


I’ve started noticing a lot of issues with https in transparent proxy with ssl mode. Have a look at the below screenshots:

Some sites go through fine with https, others show an error like above. Any ideas what seems to be the cause?

Also, do any of the other proxy settings (non transparent, authenticated, etc) support both http and https? If so, I might just give up on this transparent SSL idea and go with another method.

Hi @mansoor.tariq

Try to go to “ADVANCED” and add an exception for this site.
Have you installed SSL certificate from NS server?


“Advanced” option is located where?[quote=“GG_jr, post:2, topic:3353”]

Have you installed SSL certificate from NS server?

Yes, I have … that’s why some https sites work fine, but on others, I’m getting this issue

Left side of The Google Chrome , in line with “Reload” button.


Maybe this can help you:
Topic: Something went wrong: error:14077438:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 | User Role Editor


or more Google search

Thanks … seems to be the issue here as well.

The solution seems to be to avoid transparent proxy for now and go with manual mode. Thanks for the help and links

This is not a solution!
Transparent with SSL should work!

What version of NS you use?

You’re right, it’s not a solution, it’s a workaround. However, after going through the link you sent, it seems a problem on squid end with cloudflare and other sites that use SNI.

I’m using NS 6.7

About SNI:

Installing a custom certificate for webserver?

and from above post:


Sorry to bother you, but:

Can you try with another browser (Mozilla, Opera, IE, …)?

Are your browser and your desktop OS, up-to-date?

All browsers face the same issue

Browsers are, but OS is not … good point, maybe update the OS and see if problem persists.