Issue with vars or object keys in translation

Hi mates

Sorry for my English but I do need to communicate with every translators. First you are doing an excellent works and without you, the NethServer project could not exist outside of the English Language…so a big Thank you !!!

I found some translations issues in French for example

The translator has translated the name of the key object

Edit virtual host {name} to Modifier l'hôte virtuel {nom}

We rely on the key object name to display some vars name, and if the object is translated, then the value is blank and not displayed.

I think that in each languages we should ensure that the object key has not been translated, you can search in each translation project by {, it should output all objects in the translation fields

cc @translations_team


I checked and corrected all French ressources, I could see some missing translations, if you could have a go, you will earn a beer at the fosdem

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Hello Stéphane,

Thanks and sorry for lost time due to my misunderstanding, is there a way to gray these variable in order to avoid such action ?
I give some time this morning to translate and notify (maybe :face_with_monocle: ) a mistake at

Migrate the shared folder to virtual host {vhost}?

variable is corrected like

Déplacer le dossier partagé vers l'hôte virtuel  {name} ?

should be

Déplacer le dossier partagé vers l'hôte virtuel  {vhost} ?

No :grey_question:

In fact it is an object, if the developper choose to use ‘name’ we must not change it or translate it

Thank for your translation, keep the good work… If you have a doubt, please shoot your question

Yes I understand but here {vhost} was replaced by {name} ?

does the translation display the good vhost name, if yes it is good

if no, then it is a bug

could you check in french if the string Déplacer le dossier partagé vers l'hôte virtuel add at the end the correct object string

It’s not correct and I can’t edit because it is in “révisé” status :upside_down_face:

could give me the url link please

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it is done krisden, we need to build the rpm again, it will be done later

ping me in case of others translations fix