Issue with Cert on Onlyoffice

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: OnlyOffice

I have an issue with a Letsencrypt certificate.
My first web page work well, the certificate is OK

When i have to use nextcloud end onlyoffice, obtain an error.
I tried the document server page :8082 end receiverd this:

the server certificate is the same and updated yesterday. But onlyoffice does not seem to have noticed…

It’s visible to me your hostname. And…

From internet i can access to OnlyOffice and view the page.

Therefore… try CTRL+F5 for force reloading. Or use another browser. Or clear your cache.
I used Firefox for trying to access.
(feel free to ask me for removal of the attachment, eventually)

Edit: do you have installed NTOP on the same server? Check the ports!

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Maybe a DNS issue?

If you ping your domain from LAN, does it give back the right IP of your NethServer?

yesterday, i restarted the server and everything started fine.
It’d probably have been enough to restart just one service but honestly I don’t know which one …

Probably this one.

Anyway, maybe server had some kernel to progress… :wink: