Issue by last update of Dokuwiki (29.07.2020)

I’ve got an issue after the update of the module Dokuwiki: apache is showing a complete white page.
Reboot doesn’t help. The “parameters” of the module can’t be reached inside the cockpit (the entry is existing but it links to an error page).
During the update (done by hand via yum) I got this:
warning: /etc/httpd/conf.d/dokuwiki.conf created as /etc/httpd/conf.d/dokuwiki.conf.rpmnew
Looking inside /etc/httpd/conf.d I have:

  • dokuwiki.conf (a dummy file)
  • zzz_dokuwiki.conf (= the real conf file for dokuwiki - if I remember this was necessary because of another module, Awstats???)
  • and now dokuwiki.conf.rpmnew

dokuwiki.conf.rpmnew is not corect: all the entries look like
<Directory /usr/share/dokuwiki>
Options +FollowSymLinks
<IfModule !mod_authz_core.c>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from ::1

Require ip ::1

I guess this is the cause of apache displaying a white page

And now??



Hi Arnaud

As DokiWiki doesn’t use any DB, only it’s own folder structure, it is easy to backup or migrate, even a live backup copy is possible, just by rsynching the dokuwiki folder to another server.

Keeping this in mind suggests another solution for you…

  1. Save the Dokuwiki folder contents somewhere else.
  2. Delete Dokuwiki, and manually remove any “leftover” files. (http stuff especially!)
  3. Reboot your NethServer
  4. Reinstall Dokuwiki from Stephdl’s repo
  5. Copy the folder contents back, and make sure permissions are the same as before you started!

Dokuwiki should work again!

Hope this helps

wait wait, before to do something, let me try to reproduce

check the apache error logs please

I cannot reproduce

what is you account provider
what your apache logs complain for

eventually you can downgrade

yum downgrade dokuwiki

@Andy_Wismer thanks for your proposal. You are right, I 've got the data of Dokuwiki => delete + recreate + restore the data is only a “stupid” task, not a difficult one. But I would prefer to try to find the reason of the problem, maybe it is only a small thing…

@stephdl I will certainly blame myself but … this is not at the 1st time: where are the logs for dokuwiki?
Certainly /var/log/httpd/ and then??

# config show dokuwiki 

The other Vhosts are running well => only dokuwiki has an issue, not the entire apache.

Thanks for helping.



reproduce the error, then check the logs to show what it occurs.

I saw you have enabled a vhost for dokuwiki


Hi Arnaud

If it happens again, I’d also want to find out why.
If it’s a one-off fluke, it may be hard to find the problem, and may not be worth the effort.

I’m also a Stephdl’ Dokuwiki user, and had no issues on 6 installations…

My 2 cents

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/var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log: nothing about dokuwiki
/var/log/httpd/error_log: nothing about dokuwiki too
/var/log/httpd/ completely empty (!)

yum downgrade dokuwiki => dokuwiki works again
yum upgrade dokuwiki => empty white page again

[quote=“stephdl, post:7, topic:16237”]
I saw you have enabled a vhost for dokuwiki
[/quote] that’s why I posted the config!

@Andy_Wismer I agree with you.

I reinstalled completely Dokuwiki this morning and re-imported the pages => all is working perfectly again!!
It was only because of no-luck…
Thanks for the support.

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If this works for you, click on Solution, so others can also benefit!

My 2 cents