Is this what I should see from v7b2 - shared folders?

Hi all,

I’m looking in to NS, trying version 7 beta 2 in a Virtual Machine.
I took me some time to figure out how to install in such a way that I can use authenticated shared folders for my windows-laptop. (Install, set an extra IP for the ADserver, run VM in promiscuous mode).
But still I don’t know if I do it right: on screenshots of V6 I see a module " windows network" that I don’t see on v7b2. Furthermore: I can’t see an option for changing (or even see) the workgroup that is configured:

And when configuring a shared folder:

Is this correct? How can I see what workgrouup I should use on windows?
Or do I still do anything wrong?

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We’re working on it!

If you’re in hurry, there’s a nethserver-sssd package from the nethserver-testing repository that shows it. To upgrade (do not run on a production server):

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-sssd

Then go to page Status > Domain accounts.


Ok thx. I did see that issue before, but wasn’t aware my question was answered by that as well.
How long until that comes to the stable repo? Days? Weeks?

It has been removed because on ns7 Samba role is either ADS with AD account provider, or simple workgroup with LDAP provider.

Both scenarios set the NetBIOS domain/workgroup name from the first part of the DNS hostname suffix.

For instance, if the FQDN hostname is, somedom is the workgroup.

I hope it’s going to be verified released next week! Would you like to join the @quality_team?

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What’s expected from a member of @quality_team? I can’t promise any time-critical stuff, but some testing now and then I can do.

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Just test it so se can see how it goes. Joining the quality team asks a continuous commitment :slight_smile:

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