Is there provision to have two Nethserver-nextcloud instances backup each other?

Is it possible to sync to nethserver instances, with nextcloud mainly.

This mainly to have 2 nextcloud instances of nethserver sync data, with capacity to restore if the other one fails.
Anyone attempted something like this?

Is what you have in mind different from the hotsync feature that’s already there?

AM not sure, i want the two servers to sync each other data. Mainly the data inside nextcloud

If you want two-way sync, no, hotsync doesn’t do that. It keeps a backup server up-to-date (I think it updates every 15 minutes), and with a single shell command that backup server will take over as the primary (for when the primary fails).

I think a one way sync is enough, because only one of the servers is actively and mainly used.
The one being backed up to will only come into the picture if anything ever happens to the main server.

Considering i should be able to restore the data into nextcloud itself.