Is there new IP restriction to connect to Discourse?


Since yesterday I have a little problem to connect here, on Discourse.

I’m connected at work with my Win 8.1/Firefox… I’m posting from this station.
But when I’m trying to login with my phone, I’ve got the message:
“You can’t log in as Jim from that IP adress”

I would like to connect with different device…

No Ip restriction at all.
Login or Signup? Please reproduce it and post a screenshot

Here the screenshot:

Check again, I sorted it out. Discourse thought you’re a spammer and maybe it has the point :smile_cat:

No… I’m not a spammer :cold_sweat:

At least the Top poster of the month :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I was asking myselt if “top poster of the month” is a good thing… Now I know it’s like “flooder” :smile_cat:

I log in successfully