Is there a way to monitor or alert on Email Queue in Nethserver not being empty?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Webtop/Email

Hello Team,

I recently had an issue whereby my Nethserver - Webtop/Email was stuck and emails could not be sent outside my network and emails could not be received into my Nethserver. I noticed my Email > Queue in Nethserver had loaded up with all the emails my office had been trying to send. I restarted my Nethserver and emails began to flow again.

This led me to wonder how I can check or alert on when this happens in the future. I don’t know if there is a way to schedule the delivery of mail into my Webtop and alert if the mail is not received. Also, I would need a system to send mail from my Webtop and confirm it was not delivered.

So then I wondered if there was a way to monitor the Email > Queue of my Nethserver. Perhaps if I see emails queued up in that module I can be alerted to an issue and look into why emails are being queued and not sent.

Can anyone suggest if there is a way for me to use my Zabbix to monitor my Email > Queue?

I also pay for Nethserver subscription. I get alerts if a service stops. In the problem I had no services stopped so I wasn’t aware of any issue until my office wondered if there was a problem when they noticed no new emails all more morning which was odd. Is there a way from a Nethserver subscription to be alerted if my Queue has emails in it for a period of time (like longer than 5 or 10 minutes)?

Thank you in advance for any help or direction you can provide me.

Two feed brake stop.
Issue here have only one culprit: postfix. :slight_smile: The piece of software entlitled to deliver messages (MTA).
You rebooted your whole server, that’s an option, but the queue status might be seen into the email dashboard

which has a quite nice list of bells and whistles.
You’re managing an email server? So I’d suggest you to… take a tour at least weekly (i suggest twice a week) for see if everithing works. Maybe you could catch it.
More info about more options for the queue.


Monitor… is alread monitored. You’d love an alert. Long story short: use the same media for alerting in case of issues deliver no alerts at all for the issue status.
Zabbix can monitor postfix
but consider that the integration should be carefully considered for not crunching toes to template mechanism.
Last but not least: teach Zabbix an alternate way to deliver alerts. Yes, you can pay for an “outside email service” only for Zabbix alerts, but if your is a public email server without relay and smaarthost, well… falling into a blacklist might be the doom of your email alert for queue status.