Is there a resource planning tool you can recommend for nethserver?

Hi @all,

I’m looking for a resource planning tool like rapla or booked scheduling or float etc.

I was wondering if someone has experiences with this kind of software and can give a recommendation.

The problem I have to solve, is to time-manage about 10 to 15 employees as resources in some kind of calendar with a project duration from 2 hours up to some days.

I would be really happy if some can give me a hint!

Thanks in advace. R.

I didn’t anything even for Nexctloud.
If you can adapt a Kanban style app, try this:

@webtop_team is there anything like this?

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Is it a kind of project management? @education_team could help you better

Not really a project management, more a team/employee event-coordinating or maybe “staff-roster” or “duty-roster” is the right word. Sorry I’m not a native speaker. :blush:

This would be a very simple form:

So you can have an overview who is working on which project at what time and who is free to do a new work.

Hope this makes it clearer.

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I have had a look at the Nextcloud / Deck project and whilst it is not really a project managment tool, it could be used as a simple PM.

Personally, if choosing a PM styled tool, I would be looking for a app that is able to handle resource allocation, budget management, team managment and GANTT charts (ie. functionality similar to Gnome Planner or TaskJuggler.

I would like to see an extension that could expand Nextcloud to be used in-conjunction with Redmine, OpenProject, Project-Open, LibrePlan or ProjectLibre.

There is a good list of GPL compliant web / cloud based project management tools at:

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We use Taiga internally, it’s a great piece of software. I’m aware that @Enzo and @marceloeng know Odoo very well, they may give us some hints.


As I’ve not used them cannot make a recommendation but point them out:


Love the name of this project :laughing:

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Maybe this can be of use. I just installed Nextcloud 12 on my NethServer7 homeserver.
I was browsing the addons and saw Nextcloud - Deck This is a Kanban/Trello style taskmanagement tool.
From within Nextcloud it is a 1 click install.

/edit, just see that @giacomo already mentioned this… :smiley: