Is the nethgui layer a pain?

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Please … go ahead

ROTFL :smiley:

To use no.
To do… I don’t know :smiley:

But I had observed apps like coovachili, that don’t install by the nethgui… Probably that to do, the answer is YES :laughing:

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At the minute I’m thinking that it is not so easy that I would, but…I do love Issues

is manual many hours of read?

there is no manuals !!!

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There is a manual! I haven’t looking for enough :smile:

My bad I’m a liar, there is a manual, please @jim can you look after it and give back your feelings…I’m quite sure that you will love it.

By the way a developer reads code, never the documentation…think that developers are lazy.

When I click on your link, I’ve got this message:
La page que vous avez demandé n’existe pas ou est privée.

The dev doc I’m reading is this one:

workable for me, fun

idem for me here, no problems at all to view it

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the relevant chapter concerning nethgui has been really well enhanced in the documentation that you pointed us. (and page below)

It is a good start to try to understand how it works.

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The link work now…

Sightly different from:

Where you can read:

This page is the comprehensive index for all documentation


 User Guides
 (These are product specific manuals. These contain the answer to 'what'.)

 Knowledgebase, Howtos, and Best Practices
 (These generally contain information not in the manual and answer the questions 'why' and 'how'.)

An other pedagogical approach for sure… :pray:

oh, Jesus…

the link you’ve been given answer HOW… now you know it, start reading, studying, trying…

you don’t need a good documentation… you need a real interest in trying to understand

yes I’m still trolling

Well I give up…too hard for me

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Noooo @davidep is here among us! He can help you, right Davide?

Sorry @davidep, but…yes NethGUI layer is a little pain! :frowning:
BUT, if you know the framework, you can write simple modules in very little time and the framework will take care of interface consistency, validation (JavaScript and server-side), usability from mobile devices, binding to e-smith db, internationalization, help modules and authorization.
Also, much of the complexity comes from a poorly used requirements: testability.

It’s a huge amount of work which Davide did when NethServer was only an idea, and it still is the most important part of NethServer for the end user.
Very very often a new amazing feature with a great implementation doesn’t have any value because a poorly designed GUI.
Just an example: when I create a new module, I spend 30% of the time for the backend and 70% for the GUI only because I’m terrible on designing graphic things!
I would kiss anyone who want do the web interface job for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree we need a simplified and well documented GUI framework :smile: and maybe it should be one of the keystone for NS 7.

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Nethgui is not bad, even for a php framework, some routines from the e-smith database are deeply coded (I mean how make a table from a type key), it is nice.
Yes there is no documentation, but for a simple panel, quickly you can have a start, once of course you have understood the principles on Nethgui relies.

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