Is the Answer in the Cloud?

I’m reading this article about Small Business Server Buying Guide 2016

Your first choice when it comes to servers is whether or not you actually need one physically in your office. For businesses tight on space, introducing a business server may not be the best idea. Leasing a server on the cloud sometimes makes more sense—especially for small businesses that don’t have a robust IT infrastructure. However, there are limits to what you can do with a cloud-based server. If you decide that you definitely need the server on premises, then you should choose whether to assemble a server in-house or to purchase a pre-built.

Is this the future? For which services? Is NethServer ready for this scenario?ù
I’m keen to know your thoughts

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Hi @alefattorini,
I think nethserver is ready.

I say more! I consider it the ideal solution for those who want the cloud but does not like to put their data on servers outside the company.

The speed of ADSL lines in many areas (in Italy) is very low, making the job of cloud “risky” (lines falls, bandwidth saturation etc.). In these cases , the local data allow continuity of work…

Moreover, the extreme hardware compatibility allows the installation of both high and low-end servers depending on the needs.


Do you have any experiences of NethServer on VPS? Which kind of services do you have moved into the cloud?

Great discussion connected

I tried Zentyal, NethServer and ClearOS, and NethServer is by far the best. It’s easy to use and the Administrator Manual are excellent.

Zentyal seems to have given up itself and ClearOS charges money for the most needed software - backup, backup and finally backup.

I wrote about Zentyal on the blog last year and I posted about NethServer 7 Beta 1 in August


Talk about speed…you should try here in the Philippines :smiley:

Thanks for taking NethServer for a spin! Visited the links, note, however, that each system will have pros and cons. I’ve read in some discussions (not NS) that they do swear by Zentyal…and its active community.

I, myself, have used it…from 2009 to 2013. I’ve given up since (I think v.3.7) when they removed some modules. Also, the community of Zentyal has not that been active as before (I just don’t know now, I have not visited them as I have found NS better. but as per statement above, it seems that it has become active again.). Also used ClearOS 2010 for about 3 months until DNS module went belly up and I returned to Zentyal. Note that these are in production deployment in my previous company.

There’s just some conflicting statements I’ve found…you said (or posted) " It’s easy to use and the Administrator Manual are excellent." however, on the blog:

"It took me several days of trying to install it while I was looking at the documentation on the user manual and the Help file.

To install Samba Active Directory you have to install it on a IP, but not the same IP of the NethServer and not being used, and the NethServer builds a virtual OS in itself for Samba. I think that should be clearer on the documentation. Now I understand why they discuss installing on a virtual machine in the user manual."

And you’ve mentioned several more which involves file share, home directory and DR…and to top it, you mentioned you have not reported your difficulties to NethServer.

Now the good part, since you’ve known the difficulties in finding things, perhaps you can help us by challenging the documentation, suggest how it should be written. This will be a chance to improve our manuals and how-tos. To the documentation team, pls. take note :slight_smile: Better if we can include some cautions or common pitfalls.


Hi vhinzsanches,

The stable version, NethServer 6.8, was easy to install, easy to use and Administrator Manual are excellent.

My blog is about the NS v7 Beta 1 and not the stable version. Some of the manuals aren’t excellent, especially about installing Samba Active Directory. The Home directory and DR are bugs, and not the Administrator Manuals are wrong and/or missing something (I hope so!). I hope by the time that NethServer 7 is stable and released that the manuals are excellent and with no bugs (:wink:)

The next day after posted that blog @alefattorini commenting on the blog and wanted me to join. I joined that day, and the Home directory was already listed as bug and I posted the DR bug last night 9-4-2016. I meant the change my blog today saying they have been reported but I forgot. Sorry about that. It’s been changed.

To the last point I think I’m good bug finder. I used to work for a company a long time ago and half of my day was pointing out bugs and writing the documentation, and over time my writing is even getting better. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:



:joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Glad to have you aboard!

What are the limits to what you can do with a cloud-based server?
What the pros?

@JeffBales, your inputs will be a great addition to NethServer in general and will help a lot of people.

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