Is NS8 a direct replacement to the latest NS7

I am New to the Community but NOT new to NS.
I migrated the NS from Zentyal when their developers started to aim more for the Enterprise Area and started to delete Modules that were vital to the SOHO environment.
My Question here, Is NS8 a direct plug-in replacement for NS7.9.2009, without adding additional machines ???
Currently my NS7 installation has the following functions for my Home Office:-
In no particular order:-

  1. Gateway
  2. Firewall with Intrusion detecting and Packet Inspection
  3. Mail Server
  4. Samba Server (File Server)
  5. Samba Domain Controller
  6. VPN Server (Openvpn) (Authenticates against Samba DC)
  7. NextCloud Server (Authenticates against Samba DC)
  8. Web Proxy Server

Hope that it will be able to do all of these requirements, otherwise I will have to either stay with NS7.9.2009 or find another install that can do all of these requirements without the need for additional systems.

Hope someone in this community can help me.

I have checked the NS8 documentation, but cannot work out whether or not NS8 is suitable for my installation.

Currently no. This feature

will not be available in NS8 (as documentation states)
Also, both NS8 and “NextSecurity” are not in a “released state” => still beta (alpha for Next Security, as stated in pinned comment about release).

If Gateway is never going to be in NS8, then I will be staying with NS7 for the forseeable future, as I do NOT want to add an additional system to do the same job as the job that NS7 already does.
Which is a pity, as I really like NS7, (as it does everything that I need/require in one place & one box), but it looks like that I will never be able to update to NS8, as I require the Gateway function.

That means by end of June 2024 no more updates, an increasingly insecure system (firewall & gateway), or a forced migration head over heals…

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Other Options:

You could use a Hypervisor like Proxmox, and then run NS8 and NethSecurity as two VMs, but all under control from one Interface.

  • It still runs as “one” box.
  • It will provide all servises as before, but on a different foundation.
  • Migration will be possible.

A third option would be:
Don’t wait and go into panic mode right away!

Personally, I trust the devs will be up to it.
It’s not quite there yet, but NS8 is well on it’s way.


My 2 cents

Several ways to love NS8 and to quit NS7

do nothing and pray…there is still some sme server 6 never updated in the world you have the right to think that problems won’t be on your side

Buy a router and put it in front of your network. It costs about 50e. Do a migration of your modules to NS8

Buy a mini pc fanless, it costs about 150e and install nethsecurity which is the new gateway feature of NS8. Do a migration of your modules to NS8

Virtualize NS8 and nethsecurity inside a proxmox together…trust me it works you need two network interfaces


The question from all the consolidated environments.
Yesterday I were using 1 system. Why today I have to use more power using 2 systems?

I get both sides of the issues. And… 50e/USD routers are quite lacking features compared with NS7 firewall arrangement.
Currently I still did not found any firewall distro replacement feature-full enough like NS7 (excluding one that’s seems to be on the verge of EoS)

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I can well understand the underlying question, as some of my servers run on a cloud-based host. The upcoming migration is causing me some headaches and I would prefer an inplace migration similar to an update. However, I am not particularly optimistic or lack the imagination for a feasibility.

I would be very grateful for a migration guide for a single host installation with a cloud provider.
But there is still time.

Sincerely, Marko

I am currently looking at how I will do that, which Hypervisor to use, and then which order to install the VM’s, noting that neither NS* nor NethSecurity have a Web Proxy like Squid and I currently use the transparent proxy in NS7 for my internal systems and guest systems.
Yes, it will increase the complexity of my setup, and I will probably wait for NethSecurity to be integrated into the NS8 migration, along with it’s controller, and then do the “full” migration.


On the other hand, a type 1 virtualizer/hypervisor enable some gamechanger Business continuity/Disaster recovery options.
Anyway: due to Broadcom acquisition of VmWare Inc, Proxmox gained a lot more interest.

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I’m using OPNsense as Firewall (It also works well as VM, but I & most clients use a dedicated box, in cloud environments I use a VM) and OPNsense includes a fully configurable Squid Proxy incl. GUI integration.

If NethSecurity covers my needs then when it’s ready, I might migrate some or all over to NethSecurity.

My 2 cents

the biggest question i have had so far is this.

For External AD based on NEthserver 7, the two NS systems communicate through a firewall.

Now if the current AD is still Running on NS7 and the clients using AD are migrated to NS8, how would NS7 AD communicate with NS8 based Host.

is i currently Have my AD on NS7 on one node that hosts only AD and SSO,

And i have NExtcloud on a second Node, Migrated from NS7 to NS8, Would the NS8 Node be able to communicate with NS7 AD, and how is this achievable.

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How curious. Who would ever supposed that.
Netflix/Disney+ strategy: applied.

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