Is it possible to install webmin on Nethserver?


I have lot of doubt if is possibe cause of Webmin deal directly with configuration files in the /etc directory and the e-smith layer generating all the configuration files in the other side…

Is the two "systems: can work together?
Is it possible to install webmin on Nethserver?

If you install it, you’ll break your server

Hi Jim,

If you want Webmin, you don’t need NethServer.

Install CentOS or any other Linux OS, add Webmin and than do what you want.

Why don’t you install Webmin on IPCop, Untangle, Endian, Sophos, Zentyal, ClearOS, NetCop, SonicWall, …?

You can use Webmin with NS (I use Webmin on most of my servers including the NS based servers)

But be careful when choosing which modules you / your administration users have access to, Webmin (and any other interface that modifies files that are stored within the /etc directory) may and can brake integrate with the NS install.

Did you have any recommendation for the webmin installation?

Can I proceed with any CentOS installation procedure?

Hi Jim,

Although this is not a forum for Webmin, we can help you.

If you need recommendations for the Webmin installation on NS, you already have:

For installation on CentOS or other distros, you can install Webmin after you have installed the OS with GUI.
“Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration using any web browser.”

More informations:

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It’s quite simple: do not configure with Webmin any modules already controlled by NethServer.
But you will find it’s quite hard to draw line, just a quick example: when you change the hosts file, dhcp, dns, proxy and even mail server are affected.

If you want a trouble-free installation, use NethServer or WebMin on a clean CentOS.