Is it possible to include custom folders in hotsync?

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: hotsync

Hi friends,

as I recently setup a new NS I now use the old hardware as a spare-server via hotsync, what works perfectly. The ibays, homedirectories, vmail and so on are synced.
But how to includ custom directories? Is it possible via /etc/backup-data.d/custom.include/exclude?
Is it the way, that everything which is backed up, also is synced?

PS: In the nexted weeks I plan to practise a disaster recovery with this.

Thanks for your answer.

BR Ralf

Is this it? How to synchronize custom paths

yes, all paths in /etc/backup-data.d/*.include are included and all /etc/backup-data.d/*.exclude are excluded.

this is if you have to launch a script, you custom script can write directly paths to include. But it’s not necessary in this case I think.


Thanks @dnutan and @Stll0 for your quick reply.

You’re right. Just some folders to sync. Marked your answer as solution.
Maybe a short hint in the admin manual would be good to add.

Have a nice weekend all together.