Is it possible to backup an external share?

We have a windows client providing an additional share on the Nethserver AD. Is it possible to configure a backup job for this source within nethserver backup? I don’t see a possibility to chose a source, but only destination in nethserver to backup the nethserver itself.

How do you have the external share mounted on Nethserver?

Rsync scripts

Thanks both for your answers. True, it maybe would work by cifs mount it and then add it to backup. I’ll check and also have a look to the mentioned alternatives. I want to keep things simple thus only looked at solutions that are presented in cockpit. Bareos will maybe overkill but thanks for mentionning alternatives.

One more questons on built in duplicity. Would it be possible to configure incremental backups but with full once a month instead of once a week? With a great part of the data to backup being statical, I would like to avoid weekly fulls of ~0.5 TB over the wan which seems a waste of bandwith.

I will use duplicity for nethbackup except our shares content, which is mostly static data not often changing. I implemented cronjobs for rsync scripts which works nicely. Same for the cifs share, which gets now mounted by fstab entry. :ok_hand:

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