IPv6 support in NS8


Good morning, Dev team. Starting 1st february 2024, AWS will charge 4 USD par month for IPv4.

Feel free to tell me which hosting provider is bigger than AWS currently. It’s only a matter of “when”, not if anymore, the competitors will do the same thing.

Actually all other palyers currently are giving free IPV6 address, and charge approximately 2 dollars per month for IPV4.

HEtzner themselevs increase their Ipv4 prices for Dedicated servers by a Huge margin

ejabberd is ipv6 ready, for other services do a ss -tulpn normally NS8 should be IPV6 ready

There is no more the layer of the firewall like NS7, we just open or close the port, no matter from where you come


So any IPv6 address can be put somewhere? Or is displayed in any part of the cluster admin?

X for doubt

IPv6 will surely come, in 2035.

as I stated NS8 is no more a firewall like any debian/ubuntu or centos like you could do a bare install. The firewall exists it is firewalld, it is used to open port in the firewall like for ejabberd, traefik, mail or more probably. All other ports are closed by default to the localhost

You can do on your own rules to close from some IP network if you need but this is the role of a firewall like nethsecurity or others(opensense, pfsense…)

Therefore no needs to display somewhere what IP you use. By default on the scenario of Internet we put servers to talk to anybody, on your local network you have a firewall in front (sometimes from your ISP)

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Knowing the IP is important to configure the DNS: it would be nice to see interface IP addresses under the node details.

As there are plan to modify that page, let’s add more details too. NethServer 8 · GitHub


Am I allucinating… or in the goals there should be the deployment and autoconfiguration of the firewalls (nextsecurity based) with configurations… realized on NS8 cluster?

So sooner or later IPv6 fields to fill there should be available…

Hi @pike

Already planning for NS8.1?
AFAIK, it’s NOT planned for NS8 - and that’s good so.
Users here want a Release, so we can start migrating…

No, please NO, NS8.1 would be soon enough!


My 2 cents

So i picked the wrong coffee this morning. Strange. I’m rather confident that someone from dev or mannaggiament team reported it as a goal…

Sometime in the future, yes, but not for NS8…

My Coffee is Nespresso compatible - I don’t want to support Nestle, and the mashine is a DelLonghi…

Important Note:

In the end, good coffee is more important than any software…
All good servers were programmed with plenty of decent coffee!

And when in Italy, don’t bother with Starbucks.
The original is always better - otherwise why would Starbucks sell a “Grande” - they know it too!
Dolce Vita @Italy includes excellent coffee at almost every street corner, so why bother with a copy?


My 2 cents

Sorry. I’m quite fedaikin as coffee at home

(not the actual photo)
In italy it’s called caffettiera, or colloquially, moka.
7gr of coffee power par person this is a two person moka. 14 grams of roasted coffee, only a small plastic bag for 250gr of coffee.
So less waste…

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My capsules get recycled, so no issue for me.

But BEFORE my first three coffees, I do happen to be lazy and prefer having a machine taking over the task of temperating the coffee and brewing it.

Good system admins are lazy, they know when to take the easiest (and best, safest route, as errors entail more work!) - but they also know when it’s better to write some code to get the work done easily…


My 2 cents

I miss italian coffey

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that’s very true Andy, and generally, the release for migrate should factor in most use cases on ns7.

Very true,

Id rather spent 6 hours automating something that will take 2 hours to complete, because everytime i need to do that one thing, ill need 2 hours all the time.

Make sense.

There we go… what coffee, pre-grinder, self-grinder, what grinder etc etc :wink:

I think that this coffee detour is derailing the 8-year old IPv6 Nethserver’s wreck.