IPv6 Support in 2019

I have been searching for a comprehensive and CURRENT statement regarding IPv6 support by Nethserver. There are several indications that it is wanted, and that some folk have attempted craftng it manually from the command line, with appropriate warnings that if you get into trouble via command-line activities, you better have the smarts to get back out of trouble via the command line!
That’s fine, I can craft it from command line if I have to, having done it on Debian servers in the past, but I’d like to retain full GUI control and the assured function that the un-hacked server delivers.
So - The question is: can I get a native IP6-compatible Nethserver or do I have to hack?



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There is currently no support in Nethserver for IPv6. I don’t know whether this is planned, or (if so) when.

FWIW: it was time long ago.
Calling @alefattorini: do you think that Cockpit project could be a “viable path” for get IPv6 from the GUI?

Thanks for the confirmation

You can find a long discussion here: Why not support IPV6

tl;dr: There are still no plans for IPv6, contributions are welcome :wink: