IPv6 Support in 2019

I have been searching for a comprehensive and CURRENT statement regarding IPv6 support by Nethserver. There are several indications that it is wanted, and that some folk have attempted craftng it manually from the command line, with appropriate warnings that if you get into trouble via command-line activities, you better have the smarts to get back out of trouble via the command line!
That’s fine, I can craft it from command line if I have to, having done it on Debian servers in the past, but I’d like to retain full GUI control and the assured function that the un-hacked server delivers.
So - The question is: can I get a native IP6-compatible Nethserver or do I have to hack?



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There is currently no support in Nethserver for IPv6. I don’t know whether this is planned, or (if so) when.

FWIW: it was time long ago.
Calling @alefattorini: do you think that Cockpit project could be a “viable path” for get IPv6 from the GUI?

Thanks for the confirmation

You can find a long discussion here: Why not support IPV6

tl;dr: There are still no plans for IPv6, contributions are welcome :wink:

Hi giacomo

I am now running sme-server but considering it is very quiet there, I am looking closely at nethserver lately.
The two things holding me back are the lack of being able to run more than one domain on it (website and mail) and the other thing is the adoption of IPv6.
Both sme-server and nethserver lack an IPv6 implementation so you can run dual-stack.
Considering RIPE NCC has recently thrown into the world that it is now completely out of IPv4 addresses and the last available IP-addresses are now only held by the ISP’s, I was wondering if you guys at nethserver would give the implementation of IPv6 more priority?

Some numbers in IPv4 exhaustion:
According to the real time IPv4 exhaution site https://ipv4.potaroo.net/ also ARIN is very, very close to IPv4 exhaustion followed by LACNIC.
The numbers:
Projected RIR Address Pool Exhaustion Dates:

RIR_____________Projected Exhaustion Date________Remaining Addresses in RIR Pool (/8s)
APNIC:__________19-Apr-2011 (actual)_____________0.1805
RIPE NCC:_______14-Sep-2012 (actual)____________0
LACNIC:_________10-Jun-2014 (actual)____________0.0081
ARIN:___________24 Sep-2015 (actual)____________0.0002

Thank a lot for your interest and contribution, to be honest I guess this will be considered for NS8, really few chance to see it with NS7.

Never look back, always look forward.

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Will NS8 have a different GUI/Admin interface?
IPv6 is available since CentOS 6, it’s available into CentOS 7 and i assume there’s also into CentOS8. What’s missing is an admin interface.
So there’s a lot to do into GUI and into template expand, but i don’t think that there will be something different than Cockpit into NS8.
Question is: there’s any will to implement (as requested since NS6) IPv6?

Thank you Stéphane for your quick and friendly reply.
That is so much more friendly than with sme-server.
And I am looking forward.
If it comes in NS8 than that is fine with me and that will most probably be faster than with sme-server.
Now I am interested in your thoughts in the implementation of IPv6.
It is clear that almost every part of Linux that you guys use in NS has IPv6 support by now.
Everybody talks about the Gui to configure IPv6 but I am more concerned about the difficulties you guys face in keeping it al safe from the big bad internet with the firewall.
What is your take on the challenges you face with the implementation of IPv6?
I mean, what do you think are the most challenging parts of implementing IPv6 support from a coding point of view?

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Not expert, others will complete my post. It seems that manually you can make it work, by editing templates, but the GUI will block you because everywhere you have to change the validators of the gui to ipv6, honestly it is not so simple that you could think.
However the whole stack must be tested also, I mean to test NETWORK, VPN, DHCP, WEB PROXY…and I probably have missed 99 % of the tests you have to do.

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Trying to write down a list…

  • Logs (and search)
  • NIC zone and subnet assignment (Network)
  • DHCP/Reservation
  • DNS
  • WebProxy and Content Filtering
  • OpenVPN (Roadwarrior/Net2Net)
  • IpSec VPN
  • Firewall
  • Static routes
  • VirtualHost/WebServer
  • Trusted Networks
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An important link:

Some ISPs are now in full IPv6 only, can you add support?

All german cable ISPs use Dual-Stack Lite for years. The biggest german cellular ISP (Deutsche Telekom GmbH) has started to migrate all customers to IPv6-only with NAT64 and DNS64.

Without IPv6 nethserver has no future in Germany. :frowning:

This thing has been told to devs several times. Now the “big train” to bring to the station is Cockpit.
Therefore there could be CentOS 8 or IPv6. I’m hoping for the second.