IPSEC bind on Green

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: nethserver-ipsec-tunnels

i have a Nethserver with 2 internet access so 2 RED interfaces, how can i bind an IPSEC tunnel on the GREEN interface in order to have a single tunnell?


Are you trying to bond IPSec connections for higher bandwith?

my goal is to run the VPN on the Green interface using the first RED interface as internet access and switch over second RED in case of failure.
In this way i have one IPSEC configuration and the tunnel is automatically reestablished in case of switch between RED interfaces.


@dev_team failover scenario for IPSec Tunnel is considered into GUI setup? Is any documentation about that?

IPsec failover simply needs to setup two tunnels, one per remote ip.

No problems for overlapping remote network subnets?