IPS Overview page in cockpit loads forever

The Overview page of the IPS loads forever. How to fix it?

@carsten would you provide “a bit more information” about your case?

Pretty please with (cherry) shell on top :slight_smile:

What information do you need? It just hangs at the IPS site overview site. The other subitems such as “configuration” work. I also tried to disable and reenable the IPS, but to change. Where to look for further details?

Starting from beginning, current hardware configuration of your installation, roles/modules installed, something “around bare metal”, like the bandwidth use.

Moreover: fresh install or upgraded? First time that you install IPS?

Its a VM and it was just upgraded from 7.8.2003 to 7.9.2009. However in 7.8.2003 the problem already appeared at a certain point. I hoped to get rid of it with the upgrade, but unfortunately not.

I just found the solution:

rm -f /var/lib/evebox/*
systemctl restart evebox

Well done, @carsten

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