iPerf3 Server on NethServer

I looked for into Discourse and docs but no trace, so… Why don’t integrate an iPerf3 Server into NethServer?

what is wrong with the current diag tools?

No “wrong” into current diag tools :slight_smile:
iPerf3 is a measureament tool for evaluate transfer performance between a server and a client, maybe this endpoint (server) into NethServer firewall installation could help to measure VPN, VLAN and other things like wireless network performance.

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I had a quick look what iperf3 was and though it was something similar as the current diag tools we have in nethserver. But I understand iPerf3 has another objective.
Then again, as always: feel free to install iPerf3 on nethserver and please leave an install howto… :slight_smile:
When the howto is 100% reproducible, we can work towards a module.

As i did for UBNT management i will share what will find, but i am not able to design something for the UI… at least for remind if it’s running and what port is using.

Is anything for the UI really called for? I’ve used iperf before (version 2 rather than 3, I think), and it seems at least as easy to drop to the shell and run iperf -s as it would be to navigate to a panel in the GUI.