iPerf3 Server on NethServer

(Michael Kicks) #1

I looked for into Discourse and docs but no trace, so… Why don’t integrate an iPerf3 Server into NethServer?

(Rob Bosch) #2

what is wrong with the current diag tools?

(Michael Kicks) #3

No “wrong” into current diag tools :slight_smile:
iPerf3 is a measureament tool for evaluate transfer performance between a server and a client, maybe this endpoint (server) into NethServer firewall installation could help to measure VPN, VLAN and other things like wireless network performance.

(Rob Bosch) #4

I had a quick look what iperf3 was and though it was something similar as the current diag tools we have in nethserver. But I understand iPerf3 has another objective.
Then again, as always: feel free to install iPerf3 on nethserver and please leave an install howto… :slight_smile:
When the howto is 100% reproducible, we can work towards a module.

(Michael Kicks) #5

As i did for UBNT management i will share what will find, but i am not able to design something for the UI… at least for remind if it’s running and what port is using.

(Dan) #6

Is anything for the UI really called for? I’ve used iperf before (version 2 rather than 3, I think), and it seems at least as easy to drop to the shell and run iperf -s as it would be to navigate to a panel in the GUI.