IP Alias Port forwarding


I got 5 static IPs from the ISP. One is the IP of the router (gateway) and one is the IP of the external NIC, so there are 3 IPs left for DNS services.
In a DMZ there are 2 VMs for various services like HTTP and HTTPS. Each server shall be mapped to one of the free IPs.
Ho do I do that? I tried to register the 3 IPs as logical interfaces bridged to the external Nic. But that does not not work from outside, only inside the LAN. Any hints?

Cheers, Ralph

In dashboard select “Network” in the left column, then

Click on the “down arrow” button near “edit” button in corrispondance to the red NIC that you want to modify, then select “Create IP Alias” form the dropdown menu that appears
Add your additional IP inside the field IP address.
You can add an IP alias for every IP you have.


Oh, thanks! I did not see this option before.

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Right… is a “bit” hidden… :slight_smile:

You then can use sNAT in dashboard to assign a alias IP that you have created before to an object with your machine IP (but I never tried :smiley: )