Invite someone on community


I would like to talk about the ability to invite someone, by email.

Actually, when I try to invite someone, I can just enter his email address,
And a preregistered email with a link is sent.

But I think all invitation I sent are considered “spam” because… I cannot personalized the invitation.

Actualy, it’s english only… What about somebody that english is not his mother tongue: He will delete.
Actually, without personalization… How the invited will know that’s me who sent the invitation, I’m using a nickname!

Can we have the possibility to personalize the invitation? This enhancement can change the world

Edit: Actually, there’s only two guy who success in this task :laughing:

I think the “Copy invite link” button is a good workaround. Just paste it on your customized message!


I had edited my message.

Why only two guys success in this task ?

The link is the correct way as @davidep as suggested.