Invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record


NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Sogo 3.26a

Good Morning,
i have a Question about something strange i got at my Nethserver and Sogo. If i send an email with the webclient everything works well for sending Emails to external Addresses. But every other device what is connected to the Server with activsync dont work. From the Webgui it take the right Domain for answering. With activsync it takes the internal Domain what gives the error invalid mx record. Can anyone reproduce that ?

Nothing related in sogo log ?

unfortunately not, i see in the maillog that it did not change the email address to respond and uses the internal address.

Therefore does it is not a client issue, you need may be to set a different email sender in your client setting ?

i have in all my clients the right answering address. but only with the webgui it works. every other device with activsync don’t use the address i wrote down, it takes the user with the internal domain address.

Can you check in the sogo documentation if a related setting exists, i’m away for three days at the fosdem

Hi @hucky,

Do you set those records on a Name Server ?

Please try to read (maybe help):

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i also think it is an problem with activsync and sogo. Gabriel, i had a working mailsystem and also everything worked well, after an update something change in the mainsettings of nethserver and so i have this problems with sending emails.

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Sorry, I thought that is a new installation and you have problems with receiving emails. I didn’t read too careful.
If activesync takes the internal domain, is correct to have invalid mx record.
The MX record must point to the FQDN.
Maybe is something wrong with the DNS, network configuration, firewall, …, after the update.
Maybe is not related directly to SOGo.


The updates were for SOGo?

You said that from SOGo WEB UI, you can send and receive emails.
You have issues only with the devices which are connected in LAN, or also with devices which are connected through activesync from WAN (Mobile devices, …)?

from both, lan and wan

I don’t think you should get the internal domain from WAN.