Introducing new members on community - 22 Mar 16

Goooood morniiiing Community!

every week I take a moment to welcome all of the new members who have joined this community in the last period.
Welcoming our new members is really important. We get to see who everyone is, and they get a chance to introduce themselves and meet some existing members.

So if you are new here, please comment on this thread and tell us:

  • Who are you? Tell us about your work and expertise in IT
  • What brings you to NethServer? Why are you here?
  • What’s the first question that pops into your head that this community can help with?

Looking at you fancy new NethServerians!
@kunstlust @eliezer.axiem @Pascal_Gauthier @LSB @zipico @jphoefer @dnutan @Hitesh_Dubey1 @Fahim_Azami @PartTimeZombie @flatspin @danielecurto

Last time many newcomers have told us about themselves, let’s follow their examples!


Yes, welcome here



@kunstlust still interested in a new antivirus?
@danielecurto can you introduce you in this topic? For me, many people may be interested in your experience :slight_smile: