Introducing new members on community - 22 Feb 16

Happy new week Nethserverians!
Yes folks, you know, it’s Monday AGAIN!

One of the things that I always find valuable when joining a new community is getting an idea of who new people are and what new people do. It helps me to make connections and to find the right people to bounce ideas around with.

As we are used I want to give a big warm welcome to our new members, please comment below and tell us:

  • Who are you? Tell us about your work and expertise in IT
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • What’s the first question that pops into your head that this community can help with?

Looking at you…
@Zoltan_Polyak @Hosna64 @jorgenhauge @delphir @dpeters @amjsoft @enitre @kisaacs @sraellis @Marcin_Kozyra @alkanino

Hi there!

I’m running my own business, most of the time repairing, maintaining PCs and PCs networks, servers at companies. The another part of my company is the Kyocera printers and copiers repairnig.
I’m not a power user of linux just an technician who can use the Google very well :smile:
Ofcourse I’ve have a colleague who is a power user, but he likes ubuntu so… :smile:

NS is very fast and easy to configure distro which is based on CentOS so I really spent a lot of time with it’s testing beacose I really want it to use as server replace our Zentyals.


Ehi Zoltan from Hungary! What city?
Welcome on NethServer Community, happy to meet you :smile:

It’s enough here, make yourself at home and don’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid questions’. Someone else will learn from every stupid question that you ask.

It sounds good! We’re also trying to write a guide about it
Are you interested in helping us?

From Szeged. Close to the Serbian border.

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Hey lads,

My name is Juan and I am from Ecuador. I am trying to master my self in Nethserver. As far as I have been using this amazing tool I have been able to do things that maybe could took me ages.
Now I am working with Nethserver 7 alpha 2 and having some issues with adagios. I will post the problem in the correct place.


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Hi, welcome here Juan,

What did you mean with “I am working with Nathserver 7 aplha2”?

Sorry, I typed wrong Nethserver 7 alpha 2 and by working means that I am testing it :smile:

Thanks for the precision

What do you think about this alpha 2?

Hello one and all,

Busy at work, getting two servers setup on Nethserver (one gateway, one email). Using Nethserver 7 alpha 2 since it is using SOGo 3 and linux 3.10. Works like a champ.

Techie nerd by trade (since '71). College professor by accident. Consultant with clients. Keeps one busy. Seen a few systems come and go. Linux is my favorite. Love Nethserver - great combo.

Bon computing.

Hello All

I’m Jason from Australia (well the USA actually but I’m living in Australia).

I’ve downloaded NethServer 6.7 for testing it’s functionality for my current employer. Main aspects I’d be looking at is the Web proxy/Caching and Firewall with the hopes of running Email/Sogo down the road.

I would consider myself an amateur at best so it is very important to have a great GUI. So far things are looking good although from what I can tell the GUI is a bit limited compared to what the packages can actually achieve. In order to get into a lot of the packages functionality you still need to access through the terminal.

Overall I’d like to thank all the developers and supporters of NethServer. I think the Linux world needs more user friendly options like this :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
I’m Ralf from Austria. I came along from Sme-Server. So many things are familiar. I’m not an IT-Pro, but I can use Google and this product is easy to use enough for me. :slight_smile: I was very pleased to find @stephdl here. He doesn’t know me, but he helped me a lot with his contribs in the sme-world. So i’d like to say thanks today! I switched to nethserver because I tried it in a virtualbox and I loved it from the first moment on. Perfect Interface and package management. Congratulations!!
Have a nice day all together!

Oh, one thing I want to mention is, that I had an issue with shorewall at the installation. If you use shorewall on a machine with 2 interfaces (a green and a red one) it is not allowed to connect both to same switch. If you do so the behavoir of the firewall then is very stange. The client somtime have access sometimes not. I found that in the FAQ of shorewall. Maybe that should be mentioned in the install section of the manual.

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Ehi Jason, thank to answering my call! Well we have many people here from Australia like @Greg @WillZen @sraellis
Which kind of company your employer is? IT sector or something else?

I would like to expand on the design aspect of your concerning, could you please make same example?
In the meantime I suggest you this discussion:

Btw, thanks for your words of appreciations :smiley: you can help us to make the product even more user-friendly.

Ehi Ralf, happy to see you here!
Don’t worry, knowing how to use Google properly is enough sometimes :wink:
:open_mouth: another Sme Server guy, definitely @stephdl will be happy to meet you and hear your words. There are many SME guys in the neighborhood. Take a look at these discussions and feel free to chime in if you like:

This is a bug that must be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


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Ehi Jason, how would you like to be involved in our community? Would you like to lend a hand?

Sorry for the late answer, what are you working on right now?

@Zoltan_Polyak are you still around? How is it going with your Zentyal replacing?

Hi! Yes I’m here. So, one of our partners’s ubuntu server has died on last week, and I had to set up an another firewall/mail/vpn server, and of course it was the NetServer. Everything worked and works :slight_smile: No issues, no errors it was too easy, so I don’t like this way :slight_smile: IT’S A VERY GOOD DISTRO. THANKS!!!


That’s super interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @robb might be interested in this experience
How the switch was? Do you have any suggestions for others?