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I am Mustafa from India.
My search for a groupware server (SoGO) with a complete mail server solution brought me to NethServer when i struggled to find all my requirements packed in a cool interface.
after discovering all the features of nethserver, i must say i am pretty much impressed with its mailserver groupware (and its client plugins) and owncloud features of the server.
I would like to see a monitoring module (cacti/centreon) and an SMS module in the server.


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George, welcome here on NethServer Community
Please keep us update about your achievements :smile:

I saw your request here, interesting:

Happy to hear this, feel free to ask whatever you want!

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Hello folks!
As you all know, every week we take the opportunity on Monday to welcome all of our new members to the group
If you’re new here, please comment below and tell us

  • who you are?
  • where you are from?
  • how have you known about NethServer?
  • which part of NethServer do you like?
  • what are you trying to achieve here?

It’s your turn now @joe0508 @Crazyusb @StevenWYang @squidguard @Daniele_Degano @Jim @tim @mandrick @vijayarajan

George, who are you and where are you from? :slight_smile: Please introduce yourself with a briefly BIO

Hello, I’m french, I’ve used SME for a long time, but I want to move to newer tech so when I’ve seen Nethserver, I’ve knew it can be awesome. And when in my association our SME server started to bug because of an very old SME, I’ve take the opportunity to migrate to Nethserver. So I use Nethserver for one week now, and I like it. I work on CentOS/Fedora for a very long time, so I really like the base of Nethserver, and because Nethserver respect the CentOS spirit it really great for my work. It’s quite possible that I will try to build Nethserver for ARM (Olimex lime2 a20) for little server with arm cpu and sata.


Ehi @Crazyusb happy to hear from you and welcome among us, feel free to reply to our getting started discussions I’d like to know your insights

Why not? :smile: great idea, what do you think @filippo_carletti?

Thanks very much to having me in your comunity. I am new user to linux and other sme server, nethserver systems. Hope you all will help me to be familiarized with Nethserver.

Nirosh Chaminda.

Hi all !
My name is Andi and im from Albania.
I work as an economist in a very small business where i try to be the I.T
And hopefully, by time and by reading a hell lot of books and following a forum like this.
Ill be better at it :smiley:
Pleased to meet you all :smile:


Hello everybody!

My name is Gabriel GHEORGHIU and I am from Romania.

I’m using Windows from about 22 years and I’m working at AB T&Co from about 14 years in IT&C Department and in Medical Department as Service Engineer.

I have started to search for Linux (applications and distros) from December 2013 because of the need to replace Windows ($$) where is possible (E-mail Server, Gateway/Proxy/ UTM, DNS, PDC, WEB Server, Video Surveillance Server, …).

I found Zentyal and I have thought that it’s ok for our needs.

As I have written on this Forum, I think is safer to use dedicated machines for different tasks and I have started using Zentyal as Standalone E-mail Server.

After that I had to replace Forefront TMG. I found Endian.
I’m using Endian UTM Community from February 2015 as a replacement for Forefront TMG, after I tried Sophos, IPCop, PfSense and I’m very pleased.

On Zentyal Forum I read about NethServer and I decided to try it.

Today, Alessio asked me if I can make a comparison between Endian UTM and NethServer.
I’m during a learning process, not only with NS but also with Linux generally and therefore I need more time to do the comparison.
I will try to do that, like Alessio said on this Forum, module to module.
Maybe there are here and others that use Endian and we can work together.

Pleased to meet you all!

Kind regards,

I apologize for this long introduction!


Happy Tuesday,
apologize for the delay and welcome to another week my fellow NethServerians, hope you all had a good weekend.
It’s been unbelievable to see this community grow every week with new friends and new activities

If you’re new here, please take 2 minutes to comment below and tell us:

  1. Who you are and what you’re working on
  2. How you found this group and what you hope to get out of it

If you’re already a NethServer member, please add your comments below to welcome new members, ask them questions about their work and make them feel at home :smile:

Please introduce yourself:
@Loboexe @tarekhamditn @clinton @Unal_Yilmaz @loic @Andi_Domi @p3rand0r @Pascal_Michard
and achive this badge

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Hey folks,

I’m new to neth server and came across by searching for an alternative to zentyal.
I’m an IT admin in a small to midsize enterprise in germany and quite familiar with Ubuntu server, zentyal and VMware.
Right now I’m focusing on building a mailserver and an exchange alternative and I’m thinking about to use neth and sogo for it.
I like that neth seems to be very stable, the easy way of management and the module based concept.
A nice to have would be the possibility to connect several nethserver to each other (ldap), to separate services and making backup management more flexible at VM level, but we are already discussing it on another thread :wink:


Hi All

I came across NethServer from an article in Linux Format. I have just installed XenServer on a HP Micro Server at home and wanted to add some VM’s to it. I was going to use Ubuntu but after reading the articl changed my mind and started with a NethServer instance. I plan to run a number of services so may end up with a couple of instances each doing different functions.



I’m a french guy living in Brazil.
I always want to improve my knowledge and my network.
Insatisfied with an Ubiquity Edge router, I was looking for a gateway/router appliance like pfsense or ipcop…
I finally choose a cheaper Hp Microserver with ClearOs.
But afer initials steps with ClearOs, I was looking for another thing like SME or CentOs and discover Nethserver.

I’ve try it and love it.


Ehi Pascal, welcome aboard!
Did you have already read some Zentyal discussions? There are a lot of Zentyal experts around :wink: A few examples:
Moving from Zentyal to NethServer: questions about how to do a few things
Moving (?) from Zentyal to nethserver
Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix
Moved from Zentyal 4,1 to NethServer release 6.6 (Final) in hours!
eMail move from Zentyal to nethserver - newbie questions!

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That’s awesome! Paper still rocks :wink:

Where are you from and what you’re working on?
Please keep us in touch about your achievements!

Ehi Jim, welcome among NethServer people!
How have you found NethServer?

We have other Brazilian guys /cc @pedro_gustavo @ibinetwork or would you like to know french people? :wink:

I was googling around ClearOs / SME Koozali / CentOS based distro…
Or perhaps distrowatch.com, I don`t remember :fearful:

I would like to know them, I hope to be here for a long time

@cyberfrk @petralemoisson and @Crazyusb just to name a few :wink:

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