Introducing new members on community - 20 Jun 16

Happy Monday NethServer tribe!

Only a few updates this week:

If you’re new to the group, welcome! We’re really glad you’ve found NethServer. Every Monday we’re used to welcome all our new members and give you a chance to introduce yourselves.

Please comment below and tell us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

Looking at you…


Hi Friends,

@sh00001 @ppaes @vedragan @mpoyer @Jan_Runhart @patricemuyumba @Iron_Morn @sfantu @Drake @mkrenn @RianSuryaPra @Sanad_Luitel @ramon.megias @Jelle_Bemener @tjcarol @elico @Evan_Lynch @Douglas_Dias @Kristian_Reukauff
@Hakeem @akira1780 @braddakine

all of you are welcome to this great family, do not hesitate to ask to clarify all your doubts.


Yes! welcome all to this tribe, specially to Sarah @sh00001
Female intelligence and perspective to solve problems are always very valuable and important.


Hey :smiley: Thanks for the welcome.

Well as stated I’m Ronny :smiley:
I work in IT and run multiple servers at home.
What brought me to NethServer was actually SOGo.
Seems to NethServer ease the setup of SOGo which I appreciate.

So as soon as I get It to work properly against AD I can start using it. (will be posting in appropriate forum regarding some issues there )

I like to explore an built new enviroments.
All from Game servers to mail servers.
Even though NethServer can replace some of my old servers, I do like to set it up myself too :wink:


Hi Ronnie from Norway, great to see you here :slight_smile:
What city are you from?

Which environments are in you interested in? We have also a howto for Teamspeak on NethServer
People use it for games :slight_smile:

Not a speedy reply:p but the again a reply :smiley:
I have been away from Nethserver a while, but slowly getting in to CentOS, so that makes nethserver applicable again :slight_smile:

I’m coming from Debian, which I have been using for years.

So the mix of being able to manually do things with bot console and web interface, is great.
I don’t start from scratch since much of the setup is the same as in Debian, it’s nice to be able to have it both ways.

I do run servers like Teamspeak, and I’m planing on moving my debian app server over to nethserver.
(I mostly use discord for communications now, but still runs and maintains Teamspeak).
Its currently running owncloud and teamspeak (and some homemade scripts for things)
I may try nextcloud instead of Owncloud for nethserver.
Any experience with next over own?

I also want to connect my nethserver to my windows domain.
Having some small issues with that atm, but haven’t looked to much into it yet.

I just basically love to set up things and make them work.
Whatever makes my (and my friends) lives easier.
Like connecting my phone to owncloud, which also is a mapped network drive on my windows machine.
Take a photo, and I can open it on my computer instantly.

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Hi Ronny, happy to read hear you again!
how would you like to be involved in our community? We need everyone’s help :slight_smile:

Yes! We have a lot of discussions on NC, I suggest you search them

Whatever makes my (and my friends) lives easier.

That’s the NethServer mission mate! :grin:

Hi Alessio.
I will most likely be browsing the community, and add input and replies as we go.
Depends on how deep I will go in to the material.
The more I like it, the more I will start using it.

I might even replace my pfSense if nethserver works :smiley:

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Thanks @Drake I would love to see your participation too, the more hand on the deck the better :smiley_cat:

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