Introducing new members on community - 16 Feb 16

Good, make this your place, Share your challenges and wins. Share your plans and goals :smile:
Offer your feedback on what happens here. This community belongs to all of us.

Hi all,

  1. I am Solaris certified in modules of Administration, Networking and Cluster and also Veritas Storage Foundation.
  2. Currently work in Veritas in Brazil, with mission critical environments using Storage Foundation Cluster Filesystem HA.
  3. My need to NethServer is for a personal initiative, I am starting a small business and would like to set up some services, such as web server, mail server, firewall, proxy, antivirus, online messages. I made tests with Zentyal, ClearOS and what I liked most was the NethServer.
    I wonder if there is any training NethServer where we can have a targeted and faster learning.

I am grateful for everyone’s help and I apologize for my bad English.


Not so bad english… I’m understand what you said :grinning:

Welcome here

Sorry for answering late Luciano,
welcome here, many Brazilian guys are already waiting for you :cocktail:

Would you mind to add your point of view in these discussions?

Good morning, I use nethserver for over a month at the company where I work.
I was fine right from the start.
I transferred all the emails of the entire company (52 emails) and I never had any problems whatsoever.
Nethserver is installed on a Citrix server on a VMware virtual machine.
I await the nethserver 7 out anxiously.
good job

:+1: Did you have transferred the emails from what? Email client or existing mailserver? Which procedure/howto did you have used? I bet @lvicentini is very interested in
How would you like to be involved in our community? Looks that you have a great experience in mailserver administration to share with us!

Hi. I’m from Slovakia. I used Zentyal and then ClearOS server in my company as gateway, mailserver, fileserver and vpnserver. Now I swithched to NS and using it for two months without problem. I works pretty good. Migrating emails from zarafa to sogo works without problems.
Hope I would be helpful to improve this great distro.

Ehi Miroslav, great to see you in here and welcome among NethServer people!
There’s another guy from slovakia: Introducing new members on community - 5 Jan 16
How would you like to be involved? What do you think to translate NethServer into Slovak?

Your migration from ClearOS is super-interesting, would you mind sharing with us your experience?
Your notes may be very helpful for others (@lvicentini @sraellis @bwdjames @chcllc @casn @vhinzsanchez @lebernd ) I’m also curious about Zarafa and SOGo comparison.
Check out this discussion as well NethServer vs ClearOS

Hi Alessio, thank you for welcome.
I think here should be no problem to translate texts.

I have used Zentyal for two years and then ClearOS for one year. Zentyal wants to be exchange alternative, but with big samba problems, and after some upgrades my shared folders become unaccesible. And also on my customer servers (I’m using open source for my smal business customers). So I switched to ClearOS. But new webgui is terrible :smiley:. I was looking for community only distro and found Nethserver. For two months without problem, that is great. Yesterday I installed two servers for customer, with some minor problems, but I hope it’s only problem in configuration.

Zarafa and Sogo comparision? I liked Zarafa, but it was very slow in webapp. Sogo is pretty quick in Nethserver, nope in Zentyal ;). In my company we are using IMAP mails with thunderbird and calendars with Lightning extension. In sogo there are no problems with shared calendars. In Zarafa there was problems with connecting, Lightning sometimes can’t connect to shared calendar and I have to delete calendar in lightning and add it as new.

of course :smiley:

Hi, i’ll guess it’s about time to introduce myself,

I’m Mark form the Netherlands and like to thinker with computers, especially with arm boards.
So just an enthusiastic amateur, professional life in the HVAC.

Exactly relative new to Linux, specially to the RHEL family. Although you could say I’ve a “back” start; educated in digital IC design. Worked intense with UNIX systems late 80’ mid 90’ developing hard-/software for embedded designs, and have sound knowledge of a computer from the hardware perspective. Got in to Linux playing with Beagle Bones and Raspberry PI’s; always ending up on the Arch Linux wiki for solid info: i’ll adopted the arch way of doing things.

I’m a realty bad administrator and was looking for a systemd based (So i’ll understand what’s going on) replacement for the ClearOS home server. Found the development of NS-7 and just grow to like the concept: easy administrating but full control how things are setup!


You can start from here
giving your 2 cent for the distro :money_mouth:

Thanks for your details about ClearOS and Zentyal.

Ehi Mark, finally I can welcome you here!
Your efforts on NethServer for Raspberry PI and sogo.conf more valuable than you can imagine, you’re an example for every newcomers :slight_smile:
Would you like to be more involved in our community joining a team? Please reply also to this topic, new people need also your expert advice:

Let see where this ARM experiment goes, who knows and i’ll start a arm-interest group…:joy:

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Hi to all.

Im new here.

  1. Im Working the first time with Linux, im learning ESXI and interested on interoperatibilty with AD.
  2. HTTPS filtering , Firewall and Antivirus, Ransomware its a great problem for me.
  3. I have many trouble to join an AD. I see the users and Groups under Bash with “getent group” “id user”… but i can se the users or groups under the webconfig… Not ACLs… :frowning:

Ehi Juan, nice to meet you!

Good to know, so it’s true. Nethserver is suitable for non-expert linux administrators :slight_smile:
What are your feelings as your first time?

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I remember old days when learning coherent in school…at the end …text…text…text… :frowning:

But i find the power of “yum install mc” its my friend… :slight_smile:

All its a kaos…forks…forks…forks…things that work allways at 75%…features missing…do it yourself…

Well …this is what we have… I expect make my little things…

I’m going to experiment with checking back in with people after 3 months to see how they’re going with their challenges.

Ehi you from Austria! How would you like to be involved?

@lvicentini are you still around?

@ohifra Did you have transferred the emails from what? Email client or existing mailserver? Which procedure/howto did you have used? Looks that you have a great experience in mailserver administration to share with us!

@Juan_Fernandez how you resolved your problem with the Join?

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@lvicentini are you still around?

Hello, sorry for the delay to return, I’m a Veritas Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster project too large a customer and ended up away from my personal project. As soon as possible, return. Good luck to everyone.

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