Introducing new member on community - 2 May 16

Good, what do you know NethServer people… it’s Monday again and a new month has begun. Didn’t see that coming :expressionless:

Just a few notes, we’re working hard recently on new NethServer 7 alpha3 and some great modules: fail2ban and urbackup.
Well, we’re also vividly discussing a new version of community hangouts!

Ok, how about we welcome all of our new 18 members to the community, yes?
If you’re new here, WELCOME!!! :heart_eyes_cat: :penguin:
Every Monday we take a moment to show you some love, and give you a chance to say hello to the community.

Please comment below and tell us:

  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?

Looking at you:


From Venezuela I wish you all the best in this house of the tribe NethServer :pray:

So! You need to know what me brings to the NethServer? Well, I was looking for a Server they should have a Firewall, a Proxy with a filter, because I have Kid’s at Home, Samba and for sure it’s easy to administrate. I found - NethServer. I’ve downloaded it and installed it and was realy suprised. All what I needed and much more I founded in this Server.
What specifically are you working on at the moment? Well, you mean on the NethServer? Yesterrday I installed “OCS Inventory” not without problems, but now it’s running and I’m happy. Running but not working! It will be the next part what I have to do. I think it will be interesting. My problem is I down’t know how can I create a package. May be I have to export a certificate but the Server is selfsigned. Anyway, I have to read the manual.

For today, it should be done.


Hi Alessio.
I was looking for an implementation of Apache that was simpler to administer and install than the stock versions. As a newbie to the server side of linux, looking at Netheserver, it appears to be just what I was looking for. I have been creating websites for a number of years now, and thought it was about time I started to host them. This particular installation I am working on is for a commercial site for a company my brother owns.
And yes I am happy to do beta testing for Nethserver, I have had the use of open source for some time now, so it is time to give something back.


Glad to hear that! Are you using NethServer at home? → :heart_eyes: this is @Jim
Joking aside, What do you miss most ? Is there any useful module to suggest? This is just an example

In case you need help feel free to open a new topic in the Support category!

We’re re-implementing the virtualhost panel, any suggestions are welcome /cc @davidep

Now you sound like a NethServerian! Welcome aboard, feel free to test some modules picking from Testing or directly our alpha2