Introducing new member on community - 18 Apr 16

Good Monday NethServer people!
You’re all going to have amazing weeks, trust me, you will.

I have the very important task of welcoming all of our fancy new members to the community!
If you’re new here, WELCOME!
Every Monday we take a minute to say hi, and give you a chance to introduce yourselves.
There are A LOT of new members this week (21), but we love you all equally.
So if you recently joined the group, please take a moment to comment below and tell us:

  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?

Looking at you: @philbrearley @blackeagle @Vinod_Gupta @MartinsZB (wow, already tested 7?) @jmcuenca @paste @jowi2000 @aldolinux @Alessandro_Cappellet @mansoor.tariq (welcome from Pakistan!) @dreamerman (many posts! You’re already jumped directly into the action!) @cardna @jrab66 (From Salvador!) @dimai @riccardo78 @bradhaddin @Goonz (From Zenyal/UK) @JANARTHANAN (Where are you ending up?) @SurenderReddy @alessandro.zanon

Hi, all! And thanks for greeting. :slight_smile: I just decided, that the build in features of my ASUS router is not enough. And now looking for the firewall/basic server for my home network.
I am building it on Dell Precision T3400. Planning to have 500gb Mirror for system and 3TB mirror for backup.
My network connection is 250Mbit/s optical connection, with 2 ports, so I set it up as Multi Wan.

Tested few distros and by now, the Nethserver looks like fitting my needs the best. It is:
Firewall, IPS, Proxy+filtering, VPN (I travel a lot and we have Internet TV connected to home network + Netflix :slight_smile: ), SMB (some backup space for the home PCs)

What I still try to figure out (suggestions welcomed):
I used to have WiFi for my home PCs and one Guest AP (on the same router), for my guests. Now, when I set my router to AP mode and Nethserver is doing DHCP, they are both in same network. I can seperate out my home PC by MAC addresses. But I want for guests, to have access to some of my resources (like the Chromcast devices). So I am planning how to get it working. :slight_smile:

Regards and thanks again for welcoming, @alefattorini


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Wow I want it, definitely. How does it go with a such connection?

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I like it! :slight_smile: When I get it, need to change all equipment. The operator offering some cheap D-Link routers with it. They just die, when I do some big downloads and others stream HD video. Now with the ASUS router is much better. My PC is wired anyway. :wink:

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Anyway, welcome aboard Martins :slight_smile:
What do you do for a living? Are you an IT pro or just a hobbyist?

Take a look at the blue network and add a new firewall rule specifically for the Chromcast access

Yes, that`s what I am learning now. The problem is (not tested, theoretical) I have just one real interface - the BLUE will be VLAN. But what happens, if I will set up the DHCP for both interfaces? Would be nice, to restrict GREEN, just for known MAC.

Thanks. Hope I am here to stay. :slight_smile: I am working as technical support/instructor for prepress, digital press HW and SW. In networks, I would say hobbyist.

How would you like to be involved? Translating NethServer in your language for example?

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Hey all,

Thanks for the welcome.

I’ve recently joined a company with a very very basic and backward infrastructure setup. My main responsibility is to bring things up to an acceptable technological level, while keeping expenses down to the very minimum.

The first thing I’ve looked at is a firewall/filtering solutions. Having tested quite a few of the free ones (Untangle free version, Endian community, pfsense, OPNsense, ClearOS, Sophos UTM 9 free version), I stumbled across Nethserver, and decided to test it out. Much to my delight, during testing, all the requirements are being met brilliantly, and so far, it’s the only one out of all to have done this. Once I move this server to production, I might start tinkering with a second deployment to test other functions.

At the moment, I have it deployed as a VM running under ESXi 6 (again, the free one coz the company is just cheap, lol) hosted on a Dell PE1950.

Ehi Tariq, this is an interesting possibility to introduce NethServer in your company :slight_smile:
We will definitely happy to help! Let me know when you will move it to production!

ahhh…don’t worry, the industry is never short of great FREE programs/system. Just like the ones you’ve mentioned above (Untangle, EFW, pfSense/OPNSense, ClearOS, Sophos), mostly, the commercial versions are based on the same technology with those systems…only some features and support are better.

BTW, NethServer can do HTTPS filtering for free, not as trivial as how you would do it in pfSense.

Before I forgot, @mansoor.tariq, @MartinsZB and to all your batch, welcome!

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Yup I know. HTTPS filtering was the exact main reason I was searching for other solutions, coz none of the ones I’ve tested do it easily or without problems. pfSense is too complicated to setup https filtering, and sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t … other solutions mostly have it in paid versions, not free version … some that have free https filtering, have problems with the SSL certificate. The only solution other than Nethserver which offers a decent, easy-to-install, trouble-free setup for https filtering is Untangle, but the free version is limited, and for full version, you have to pay quite a bit.

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HI, I’m Riccardo, I’m 38 years old and I grew up with computers. I’m an IT engineer and systems engineer experienced enough but I never studied the LINUX system and all its “cousins.” With the community I would like to enlarge my knowledge, and learn to manage the nethserver!

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Hi, i´m Jose, am a 23 years old still studing a system engineer carreer and currently working in a SMB as system administrator, i have knowlege in windows/linux enviroment and y looking a option to zentyal because i little buggy with some modules.

i would test nethserver for my home, but i wanna try it for sustitute of zentyal/pfsense aproach currently in my job.

Ehi @jrab66 and @riccardo78 great to hear from you
Jose, have you searched about zentyal topics yet? What is it about this switch that you’re finding challenging?

already have a VM of nethserver in the work, but am still in test with the AD part of nethserver.