Intranet Webserver?

NethServer Version: 7.7

I would like to place files on the Nethserver for my LAN-Clients. They should be able to download it from the Nethserver via http protocol. Please tell me how to…

Just drop the files in /var/www/html. :wink:

Nextcloud could do this.,…Make it just listen on GREEN and you have an internal system for distribution of files.

Alternatively if you want to share resources with http but you would like to control who is granted to download them, then you can use PAM[]=apache&s[]=pam#mod_authnz_pam

The users will need to fill their login/password

Hi Folks,

I just needed a quick and dirty solution… I just put an index.php from this page: List directory contents as HTML.

This works for me to upload osm maps and be able to share it on the LAN via http…
Thanks for your help!

by default http is open to www, if your router doesn’t block 80 or 443 from outside to your server, probably your document are world accessible

port 80 is sometime published for allow Certbot to work… Think twice.