Internet Lost Connection

Lose the connection from the PC with Internet continuously, however if performed from the PC Nethserver ping the server ( the connection is restored.
Network Configuration:
Green Network IP: mask: IP gateway: null
Red Network IP: mask: gateway: ip router (

Why does this happen? I have reinstalled and still doing the same.
Thank you. Help me please.

Hi @edusistemas,

  • What is your (client PC) IP configuration?

  • Have you tried to ping or from the one without internet? What’s the

Maybe you’ll need to provide proxy settings, check firewall or DNS if working properly.

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Hi, thank. My Ip config:


The connection works correctly per time to time I lose my internet connection.
performed a ping my gateway (green nethserver ip) and recover the Internet connection

It seems an unusual behavior. I suspect the card may not have been performing well (driver problem perhaps). Try to continiously ping the router as well as an internet address like or

It happens in two different servers in two different companies. The solution I’ve had to implement a scheduled Windows PCs 10 minutes ago ping task (Nethserver

Are you using Wifi? Or maybe Windows go to Energy Saving mode?

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Do not use wifi, I have disabled the energy savings in network cards for testing.
I’ll tell you how it goes. Thank you.

The problem remains the same.
When I lose the connection to the Internet if I do a ping also becomes the connection. It is as if he lost the route where you need to go online and pinging find her again. Or that somehow the Nethserver server pinging sleep and woke up.

Just to isolate the problem, are all client PCs experiencing the same? What if you go to NethServer (while the reported computers are not able to connect to internet)…go and check if network is working (do not ping) then go back to client PCs and try again.

It is a random problem when some other PC Connection PC lose not lost.

How many PCs are supported by Nethserver?, memory is 90% Can this be the problem? the server can not process all requests Pcs

don’t get me wrong but ROTFL… :smile:

your issue has nothing to do with server’s resouces, at least if you don’t use a i486…

are you using a server class pc? or a VM?
please, give us as much details as you can about your hardware and your setup, thank you

I have the same problem in two different environments:
1 Virtual machine:

1 Server Xeon CPU

I have activated Nethserver:
Basic firewall

Nethserver seems to me the best and most comprehensive Security Server Free’ve had, but this problem is driving me crazy.

Thank you.

you aren’t telling us anything about how do you connect to internet…

PCs Client:
IP: 192.168.0.XXX

Green IP:
gateway: null
Red IP:

Router IP:

You can’t use the same network for green and red, let’s change the green right now! :smile:

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